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Green Fuse Botanicals

Michell's exclusive line of vegetative flowering and accent plants. They are conveniently available as both unrooted cuttings and multiple sizes of rooted liners. Grolink is now our primary unrooted source.

Green Fuse rooting stations are located throughout the United States:

Knox Nursery, Winter Garden FL

Mast Young Plants, Grand Rapids MI

Meadow View Growers, New Carlisle OH

Welby Gardens Company, Denver CO

Gro 'n Sell Company, Chalfont PA

New Varieties for 2009-2010

Antirrhinum Acrobat: Cherry Red, Orchid, Yellow

Begonia Gumdrop Coco: Rose, White

Diascia Miracle White

Fuchsia Wind Chime Red/White

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline: Sweet Talk Light Green and Purple

Salvia farinacea Cathedral Lavender

Best Sellers

The Sweet Georgia Series is the next generation of Ipomoea and was developed to have short internodes to produce a more compact growing plant habit. Smaller leaves and a less aggressive size is the result of such breeding. Sweet Georgia is excellent in small containers and is advantageous in mixed containers since they will not overtake other plant material. In the landscape, this series will maintain a mounded habit reaching 24 to 30 inches in diameter.

Sweet Georgia Heart has lovely heart-shaped leaves and comes in Light Green, Purple and Red.

Sweet Georgia leaves are lobed and is available in Bronze, Deep Purple and Light Green.

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Sweet Georgia Bronze Sweet Georgia Deep Purple Sweet Georgia Heart Light Green

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Petunia Blanket Purple Petunia Blanket Zinfandel Petunia Blanket White