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Tomorrow's Harvest® by Burchell Nursery

Tomorrow's Harvest® branded edible and ornamental plants from Burchell Nursery are specially selected to thrive in home gardens and backyard orchards. Appealing to the growing, popular interest in edible landscaping, Tomorrow's Harvest bareroot fruit trees and year-round potted citrus, olive, berry and lavender plants are carefully bred to produce beautiful flowers and fruit that your customers will be proud of.

Since 1942, Burchell Nursery has been one of the primary nurseries serving commercial orchards in California's central valley, growing over three hundred varieties of fruit, nut and ornamental trees. Burchell Nursery has introduced over 80 patented varieties of fruits and nuts, and today, they are the only nursery in the United States that operates a globally-recognized in-house breeding program.

Michell's is proud to present Tomorrow's Harvest by Burchell Nursery as our exclusive source for fruit trees.

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