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Fairy Gardening

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The miniature gardening craze has taken the country by storm and Michell’s is proud to have partnered with Fairy Gardening to provide you retail ready options for your business. Fairy Gardening and Fairy Flowers® are small whimsical plants and hard goods, perfect for fairy gardening and specifically designed to flourish in small spaces indefinitely. These products and plants are high quality goods that will entice your customers to downsize their garden and upsize their gardening experience.

No matter what your selling condition, we have exactly what you need to get started selling Fairy Gardening and Fairy Flowers®. Choose from a variety of plug sizes, tags and our complete hard goods pallet program. These tiny flowers pack a big punch and can help lead to increased profits for growers and retailers alike.

Check out the NEW 2015-2016 product offerings here!

Fairy Flowers

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