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Quality Flowering Annual Plants

With a range of over 4000 different flowering annuals to choose from, Michell’s is definitely the obvious choice for customers looking for the very best in wholesale flowering plants. We work with some of the leading growers around including Gulley Fairy Flowers and Mast Young Plants to offer healthy, reliable and beautiful annuals. From geraniums to begonias, petunias and pansies, our selections are truly diverse, and we go the extra mile to ensure that all customers are satisfied with quality and overall price.

Flowering Plants - Gaillardia
Woman watering plants

Michell’s Flowering Annual Exclusives

All of our customers can benefit from Michell’s Exclusives programs, which offer some unique advantages including special prices, unique order sizes and a dedicated selection. From innovative vegitatively produced annuals to a diverse selection of colors, customers can even find exclusive flowers that stand up to hotter conditions. Essentially, our product managers work tirelessly with suppliers to offer a range of exclusive flowering plants that really stand out from the crowd.

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