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Green Fuse Botanicals

Green Fuse Botanicals

Michell's is the proud exclusive distributor of Green Fuse Botanicals.

Green Fuse Botanicals collaborates with independent plant breeders from around the world to provide cutting edge plant varieties to the horticultural market. With headquarters, greenhouses and laboratories in California, they also build partnerships for production locations internationally. This allows them to maintain inventory while simultaneously producing high quality plant material for our customers.

Founded by Green Fuse and Michell's, who have worked together since its inception to bring quality products to our customers. Green Fuse is known for its countless groundbreaking varieties.

First Light™ Perennials is a trailblazing concept in perennials. First Light Perennials can be expected to flower in the first year without vernalization.

This means you can grow these perennials similar to an annual. This allows you reduce your crop time, save energy and costs. The greatest benefit of First Light™ Perennials is their outstanding garden performance.

Award Winners!

2016 Top Performer of the Year Award
  • Rudbeckia Rising Sun from Costa Verde

  • 2016 Medal of Excellence Editor's Choice Award
  • Lupine Staircase from Greenhouse Grower

  • 2017 Editor's Choice Award
  • Begonia Dibs

  • 2017 Best of Class UofGA
  • Scaevola Scampi from Classic City

  • 2017 Best of Class UofGA
  • Salvia Cathedral from Classic City
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        Michell's Catalog
        North American Rooting Stations

        Rooting Stations

        1. Davis Floral, Dewy Rose, GA
        2. Stockslager, New Lebanon, OH
        3. GreenFuse, Santa Monica, CA
        4. Gro 'n' Sell, Chalfont, PA
        5. Gulley Greenhouse, Fort Collins, CO
        6. Mast Young Plants, MI
        7. Pell Greenhouses, Hudsonville, MI
        8. Plantsmith Nursery, OR
        9. Welby Gardens, Denver, CO

        Unrooted Stations

        1. Dummen/Oro
        2. Innova
        3. Pell
        4. Hishtil
        5. Greenfuse, CA
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