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Quality Plants & Foliage

The plants division at Michell’s deals with around 135 nationwide suppliers to bring our customers a truly outstanding selection of high quality plants, foliage and tropical plant varieties. Our carefully selected growers work hard to produce products that are healthy and contaminant free, resulting in plants of an exceptionally good standard. With hundreds of blooming and retail finished foliage, as well as fairy flowers plants available, there’s no question that Michell’s is the obvious choice for greenhouse supply.

Flowering Plants - Gaillardia
Woman watering plants

Michell’s Exclusive Plants Programs

Michell’s Exclusives give customers the chance to get hold of some extremely high quality products, and our retail finished and blooming foliage programs are no different. From ferns, ficus and hibiscus tropical plants to a range of other plant rings, containers and plant materials, we work closely with suppliers like Koba Corporation and C.L.I to source plants that are attractive and able to fit with customers exact needs. A range of different product sizes are available, and we also work hard to ensure that prices are in competitive ranges. Ultimately, with Michell’s Exclusive programs, customers will be able to find unique and special edition plants that really stand out.

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