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Michell's exclusive partnerships with suppliers including C.L.I., Burchell Nursery and Alexander Hay Greenhouses are designed to give customers the highest quality options. Our exclusive product areas span flowering annuals, perennials, tropical plants, miniature gardens, plastic containers and accessory products.

Through our partnerships with select suppliers vendors and breeders, we provide our customers with promotional programs for all types of horticulture businesses. Michell’s Promotions are designed and offered to provide our customers with even more options for sourcing high quality plants and supplies.

Strong relationships with our suppliers means we can offer customers a diverse selection of wholesale plants, plugs, seeds and other products very efficiently through scheduled delivery channels. We work hard to ensure a large selection is available, and communicate offers and specials directly to customers.


Quality Plants & Seeds

Michell’s only works with the finest suppliers and growers across the country to provide our customers with exceptional products. We have a number of product lines that include ornamental flower, herb and vegetable seeds, a range of flowering plants, and plugs. From our annuals and perennials to nursery stock and foliage, Michell’s is the first choice for numerous wholesale horticultural customers nationwide.

Horticulture Specialists

With 125 years of experience in the horticulture industry, we know the value of doing things right. Michell’s appreciates relationships built over time, based on mutual trust, respect, and integrity. We strive to offer the highest quality customer service possible, we are dependable, always flexible and offer everything from custom quotes to scheduling deliveries.

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