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Quality Nursery Plants, Trees, & Shrubs

Michell's network of finished container grown, field grown, liner, and bare root nursery stock suppliers means customers can find a huge selection of high quality shade, evergreen, & flowering trees, evergreen and flowering shrubs, finished perennials, edibles, and citrus. With a nationwide presence from Connecticut to Oregon and California to Georgia, retailers, landscapers, nursery growers and wholesalers all over the United States can experience "Michell's Quality" and source some exceptional products. From Abies to Zelkova, we have you covered!

Pre-pricing and custom tagging is available from some of our nursery suppliers for your convenience.

East and West Coast Nurseries
East and West Coast Nurseries

Cercis Rising Sun

Michell's Nursery Stock Promotions

We deal with only the best nursery stock growers in the country and are always excited to offer truly exceptional promotions! From specialty grafted landscape plants, arborvitae and rhododendrons, and unique sampler programs, Michell's product managers really go the extra mile to source some of the best deals around. Customers can be confident that Michell's Promotions offer cost-effective, timely, and in demand solutions during every season.

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