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Quality Geranium Varieties

The Henry F. Michell Company offers a complete array of geranium options from around the world to fit your growing needs. Choose from zonal, ivy, inter-specific, and regal geraniums, in a variety of types to meet the needs of your programs. Our forms include unrooted or rooted cuttings, calloused cuttings, pre-cooled, and pre-finished. We represent a broad array of breeders, and can match your market needs to the appropriate geranium line and product form.

Geranium Sarita
Geranium Syngenta Calliope

Michell’s Geraniums Exclusives

Our geranium exclusives include the Regal Geranium Solstice series known for its vibrant colors on floriferous, well branched plants, brought to you from Green Fuse. We have exclusive arrangements with wholesale growers that allow us to customize your programs for success.

Solstice Regals from Green Fuse

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